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Hook Enjoyment has taken care of immediately Lee Seung Gi ’s lawful representative stating the singer has not been purchased his songs releases over the past 18 years.

Earlier this particular month, it was revealed that will Lee Seung Gi got sent the certification of contents in order to his agency Hook Amusement, asking meant for transparent disclosure of transaction. Recently, the particular agency’s office building seemed to be seized plus searched from the Severe Criminal offense Investigation Department of the National Police Agency due to suspicion of embezzlement by a few executives. Upon November 21, Dispatch released a document that claimed Lee Seung Gi experienced not obtained any associated with his revenue from their music and that five years really worth of claims from 2004 to 2009 were lacking. Hook Entertainment’s CEO Kwon Jin Young briefly replied they are usually along the way of fact-checking. On November twenty-four, Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative verified that Shelter Seung Gi had in no way been made aware of their music profits and experienced been receiving insults and threats when he requested settlement details.

In addition , several media outlets raised questions concerning veteran singer Shelter Sun Hee ‘s regards to Shelter Seung Gi’s unfair treatment as the girl is outlined as the director associated with Hook Enjoyment.

On Nov 25, Hook Entertainment shared their position on the issues above along with the subsequent statement:

Hello, this is Hook Amusement.

First of all, we have been ashamed and would such as to apologize to everyone for the continuous unfavorable news that has been being released recently along with the present issue between us and Lee Seung Gi. In particular, we wish to exhibit our apology to Shelter Seung Gi that is going through a tough time due to this.

We would also such as to bow our mind and apologize to those that were harm by TOP DOG Kwon Jin Young’s unacceptable words and actions.

Because previously pointed out in Catch Entertainment’s press release, we were in the particular process of securing plus organizing precise data to respond to the certification associated with contents that will we possess received through Lee Seung Gi’s lawful representative. This is regretful that the media provides been confirming information which has not been accurately verified.

When Connect Entertainment plus Lee Seung Gi agreed upon an distinctive contract again after initially ending our own exclusive agreement in 2021, each checked all the settlement details from [Lee Seung Gi’s] career, and completed the financial bond-debt romantic relationship between the company and Lee Seung Gi. Each parties furthermore wrote an agreement confirming this kind of facts.

However, following Shelter Seung Gi’s request, Connect Entertainment is usually once again closely reviewing with specialists the considerable amount of profit settlement that Connect Entertainment has paid in order to Lee Seung Gi.

In addition, the recently released report by a certain media outlet concerning the content associated with Lee Seung Gi and Hook Entertainment’s contract for example profit submission ratio, etc ., as nicely as the report about Hook Enjoyment never having to pay Lee Seung Gi as soon as for his music income are very different from the reality.

Currently, we are planning to organize things clearly plus to correct and consider responsibility for our mistake if there is proven in order to be any kind of. As the celebrity management company that should have maintained interactions with its artists based on belief and believe in, we once more apologize.

In addition , in the case associated with Lee Sunlight Hee, due to the fact she had been an designer which has been with Hook Amusement because the beginning, she was nominally detailed like a director for politeness, but through 2006 to 2021, Hook Entertainment has been a single-person company owned by Kwon Jin Young’s shares 100 percent, and Shelter Sun Hee was never involved within the matters of the particular company’s management or profit distribution.

Together with this particular, Hook Entertainment is also launching that we will certainly not endure the function of defaming and doing harm to its performers due in order to speculation regarding this plus will get strong lawful action through our legal representative.

Appreciate it.

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