Is WWE Real?


WWE is a professional wrestling promotion that has been around for over 50 years. Currently, it has a large fan base and a lot of people follow its matches on social media.

Is WWE real?

Yes, WWE is very real, but it is also very scripted and fake at the same time. Like Hollywood movies and TV shows, the results of matches and fights are pre-decided. The wrestlers mostly follow a script, and the promos they make are written almost word for word before Raw even goes on the air.

In addition to wrestling, WWE also deals in other areas, including film, American football, and licensing its intellectual property to companies that produce video games and action figures. Using these various business ventures, WWE is able to reach a worldwide audience.

Heels (rudos in Mexico) are bad guys, and get booed by the crowd. They cheat, sex up, and do whatever they can to humiliate the other team.

Faces are good guys, and are usually praised by the crowd. They are not as nefarious as heels, but they can also do things that go against the rules of the match.

Kurt Angle blew fans away when he came into the WWE in the late 90s, and has become a legend of the company. He was a gold medal-winning Olympic athlete, and he used all of that athleticism to turn the sports entertainment industry on its head with his fearsome and ridiculous style.