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Fortnite news

Fortnite has quickly become a massively popular game, yet remains complex to navigate. Competitive play in Fortnite moves quickly, and updates to the game occur regularly; therefore it is crucial that fans stay abreast of Fortnite news updates.

Recent teases show off an exciting new mount for players to use: a raptor. Furthermore, an explosive Repeater Rifle weapon has also been added.

Battle Royale

Fortnite from Epic Games has quickly become the biggest success in video gaming history since its introduction less than one year ago. Since its release, Fortnite has earned more revenue than Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and Activision Blizzard combined!

The game quickly gained traction due to its Battle Royale mode. Inspired by PUBG and other multi-player shooters, it allows 100 players to drop from planes or the floating battle bus onto an island and battle one another until only one remains standing.

The popular game continues to add crossovers from pop culture such as Optimus Prime and the Dragon Ball crew, while recently receiving a massive graphic upgrade with Unreal Engine 5.1 now available for PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. While these updates won’t significantly change gameplay itself, they make the game look far more beautiful – including adding shadows for each character’s hat to help better blend in with fellow players on battlefield.


Fortnite may seem like an easy way to showcase one’s talents to an online audience, but one player has more ambitious aspirations: He wants to compete professionally on Fortnite!

Turner “Tfue” Tenney has long been one of the premier Fortnite players and content creators, seeing his fame grow along with that of Battle Royale game itself. But more recently he has made headlines due to personal issues. Former member of Faze Clan content collective.

He recently filed a lawsuit against his former team and is subject to an ongoing police investigation for child pornography allegations. Additionally, he decided to go on an indefinite hiatus from streaming, explaining his decision with an emotional video. Yet all this aside, he remains one of the most popular Fortnite players worldwide – perhaps one day even as soon as tomorrow?


Fortnite boasts an engaged community of players dedicated to competitive play. These gamers participate in online tournaments offering millions of dollars in prize money; but gaming doesn’t just teach players valuable life lessons about time management and dedication – in fact esports is often considered valuable teaching tool!

Epic Games recently unveiled a brief clip that revealed their forthcoming ranked mode for popular battle royale title Fortnite. While not offering much information about what would make up this new mode, it did show various skill tiers within it and indicate it will likely be available to all players.

Fortnite remains in a constant state of evolution, introducing new game modes, weapons, and skins regularly. Furthermore, major crossovers with music, sports, and film franchises have occurred through Fortnite; moreover it has attracted top-tier esports teams that compete in prestigious tournaments; with one event such as FNCS offering a total prize pool of $30 Million as its flagship tournament event.


Epic Games recognizes and appreciates their devoted fanbase, and strive to provide content that makes them feel special. From community concepts and sharing updates about Haunted Tower or Kame House reintroduction to Fortnite events like virtual concerts featuring Marshmello or Travis Scott or even collaborations with established franchises like Star Wars; Epic Games has consistently done their best in providing their content that makes their players happy.

Fortnite stands out as an exceptionally loved and appealing game in the gaming industry, thanks to its immersive metaverse experience that captures both children and adults’ interest equally. No other title has accomplished such a feat so successfully; Fortnite remains unique by keeping its Battle Royale genre fresh with ample content that appeals to both kids and adult players.