Physical Therapy in Duluth

Physical Therapy in Duluth

Physical therapy in Duluth helps patients improve their function, range of motion, and balance. They can also help strengthen muscles and joints before or after surgery. The services provided by physical therapists are beneficial to a wide range of people. If you or a loved one are experiencing physical pain or discomfort, you should consider visiting a Duluth clinic for a consultation.

Upstream Rehabilitation

Upstream rehabilitation is a network of physical therapy centers that provide quality care to patients across the United States. With over a hundred locations in 28 states, Upstream offers comprehensive physical therapy services to patients. The company also provides physical therapy management services. With these services, Upstream can help physical therapy practitioners make the best business decisions, protect their equity, and achieve the highest possible valuation for their practice.

Upstream Rehabilitation is one of the largest providers of outpatient physical therapy services in the country. Recently, it named Lisa Dombro Chief of Strategic Growth to help the company navigate the changing health care landscape. Under Dombro’s leadership, Upstream is focusing on developing value-based relationships with employers and other stakeholders.

St. Luke’s

If you are looking for a Duluth physical therapist, you have come to the right place. The board certified therapists at St. Luke’s use effective treatment plans to treat your injuries and improve your ability to move. They provide therapy to patients in Duluth, Ashland, and Superior, MN.